WARRIORS FIRST INC. is a veteran-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit based in Buckingham County, VA that is dedicated to providing temporary housing, financial assistance, and support to at-risk military veterans, service members, and first responders.

Our mission is guided by our core values of honor, empowerment, advocacy, resilience, and teamwork (H.E.A.R.T.), helping heroes rebuild structure and thrive in their lives.


We are on a mission to decrease the military homelessness and suicide rates (44 per day) with a heightened focus on serving rural communities. We work to provide assistance that does not discriminate based on duty status, number of years served, or number of years out of service. We service members and veterans of all branches, including National Guard and Reserve members. We also extend our services to our first responders.

Warriors First Inc. works hard to address the actual risk factors which lead to both suicide and homelessness:
– unemployment,
– housing insecurity,
– lack of steady cash flow, financial stability, and structure,
– mental health, PTSD, and lack of socio-emotional support systems.

What makes our nonprofit different is that we are focused on rural areas. There are many like-minded nonprofits and organizations with similar missions as ours. However, the majority of them are located in or focused on serving individuals in the more populated and developed metropolitan areas, cities, and their surrounding suburbs. We appreciate and applaud their work and efforts! But what about the severely neglected semi-rural or completely rural communities in between or far from those cities?

Barriers and challenges which are magnified even greater in rural communities include:
– Isolation
– Accessibility
– Proximity to services; limited transportation
– Lack of movement in achieving rural county support

Additionally, another thing that makes our nonprofit different from others is that while we exist to serve members and veterans of all branches and walks of life, we are working to especially target a severely neglected demographic of our warriors. The barriers which prevent service members from receiving help that are not discussed enoughthereby creating an overwhelming population of under-served men and women, are the service criteria which requires:
– Minimum 180 days of Active Duty orders served
– Minimum 20 years of service (National Guard & Reserves)


SPC Jeremiah Williams, Virginia Army National Guard

Jeremiah Williams, co-founder and president of Warriors First Inc., answered the call in 2013 to serve as a soldier in the Army National Guard. His personal experiences – PTSD driven by his own unit and service experiences, near-homelessness, and being denied support services for not having active duty status or X number of years – are what inspired him to start Warriors First Inc.


We firmly believe that ALL members who raise their hand in service to our great country deserve a chance to be helped, REGARDLESS of service status, number of years served, or years of service.

We value and honor the National Guard member serving domestically here in the states as we do the Active Duty member deployed overseas.

We value and honor the soldier who has served 2 years so far as we do the veteran who has served 20 years.


Our objective is to bring connection, assistance, and military-focused temporary housing to rural communities.

We aim to be the “bridge” of accessibility to fill these important needs, especially for at-risk warriors who are on a path to becoming homeless or in suicide ideation.

Our mission objectives are:

  • To provide our at-risk warriors the time, space, and temporary cushion of support they need in order to get back on their feet.
  • To assist our warriors – our clients – by having them apply and undergo our personalized assistance program in order to rebuild structure back into their lives and graduate to a better spot and place than they were before.
  • To connect our clients to support and assistance services from our growing network of community organizations, partners, and existing care management programs.


Connection to Care Management Services

  • Temporary emergency bill pay / financial assistance
  • Employment assistance and resource connection
  • Mental health services / PTSD / counseling
  • Domestic abuse resources / Connection to shelter and help

Growth, Empowerment, & Support

  • 1-1 Personal Development / Peer-to-peer support
  • Financial and self-management training
  • Holistic life and wellness coaching


One of our future goals is to build and run micro-home communities in the rural areas, starting with our first build in Buckingham County and then expand outwards to other rural areas throughout the state of Virginia, and eventually, throughout the nation. We aim to be the “bridge” of accessibility to fulfill this dire temporary housing need. Within 3 – 6 months (or longer, case basis), our clients will graduate form our temporary housing program with a new and improved financial situation, employment, somewhere stable to live, and back on their feet, functioning and thriving.

There are other nonprofits and agencies already filling the temporary housing need via tiny-home communities and micro-villages throughout the nation. However, once again, these micro-communities are currently set-up in major metropolitan areas and urban cities, including but not limited to: Washington, D.C.; Austin, Texas; City of Bridgeton, NJ; Kansas City, MO; and Olympia, WA to name just a few…

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